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Fiction & Plays

My fiction work is described on my author web site, KadyAmbrose.com, and my theater work here.

Film & Television

Produced Feature Films & TV Movies:

Twisting Fate (French title – A tous les vents du ciel )   2016    

Adaptation Co-Writer with director Christophe Lioud, based on novel “Si par hasard” by Jean-Baptiste Destremau, produced by Bonne Pioche           

Drama – Tragedy drives a French teenager to embrace chance as her guide when she runs away in South Africa and struggles to reconstruct her life.

Cupid’s Prey         2003      

Original Screenplay, produced by Daybreak Pacific Films, distributed by Regent Entertainment

Erotic Thriller – Nicholl Fellowship Top Ten Finalist.  A bright graduate student’s life is threatened after she’s seduced by her boyfriend’s powerful and charismatic father, but who is it that wants her dead?

Hope Ranch    2002              

Page One Rewrite, produced by Daybreak Pacific/Discovery Network, aired on Discovery’s Animal Planet channel

Drama – An ex-cop cowboy creates a rehab program for juvenile delinquents at his ranch in order to make up for past mistakes.

Produced Short Films:

Ellipse   2010                     

Original Screenplay (written in French, English subtitles), Director & Producer, produced by Appleseed Entertainment

Drama – What if what you saw was not what you thought?  Winner, 2010 Accolade Award of Merit. Official Selection, Women’s International Film Festival 2011, LA Shorts Fest 2011

Le Chat est Mort  2009        

Original Screenplay, Director & Producer, produced by Appleseed Entertainment, Co-written with Ben Moses

Black Comedy – To what extreme would the death of your beloved pussy drive you?  Starring Elizabeth Perkins. Winner, 2009 Accolade Award of Excellence.  Featured Film at Sonoma Valley International Film Festival.  Official Selection at LA Shorts Fest and Salento Finebus Terre film festival in Italy.

Mothers Be Good     2006    

Original Screenplay, Director & Producer, produced by Appleseed Entertainment

Drama – a mature 19-year-old’s pregnancy forces her childish young mother to grow up, but is it too late?  Official Selection LA Shorts Fest, Big Muddy Film Fest, Reel Women International Film Festival, HatcHfest and Sonoma Film Festival.

Work for Hire – Selected Examples:

The Release

Adapted Screenplay based on memoir “Back to Africa” by Randall Moore, co-written with director Pierre Stine, engaged by Bonne Pioche

Drama – Based on the true story of Randall Moore’s adventure taking circus elephants back to Africa in 1980.

The Blue Book             

Adapted Screenplay based on story by Guillaume Maidatchevskey, with co-writers Christophe Lioud and Guillaume Maidatchevsky, engaged by Bonne Pioche

Family/Fantasy – A young girl must hide her gender and her talents from an evil queen in order to save herself and rescue her people from a life without art.

Walker’s Run

Adapted Screenplay, based on “An Olympic Journey: The Saga of an American Hero: LeRoy T. Walker” by Charles Gaddy, engaged by Private Investor

Drama – The true story of a brilliant black coach, Dr. LeRoy Walker, who rises from poverty to reach the pinnacle of the U.S. Olympic movement despite impediments thrown at him by both racists and civil rights activists.


Original Screenplay, engaged by Brightfire Media                              

Family – An ultra-smart dog leads his rebellious teen owner and his musician friends to foil an assassination plot after the kids discover a way to hear the dog’s thoughts.