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Whether you’re a producer looking for a writer or a writer looking for a writing coach, consultant or editor, let’s talk about how I can help you!

Original and Adapted Screenplays

In addition to writing spec scripts from my own ideas, I work with producers and directors to write feature and TV adaptations. Source material can be their ideas or adaptations from books, articles, etc. If you’ve got a great idea and need a writer to transform it into a market-ready screenplay, let’s talk!

Script Doctoring

Often a producer or studio has a script that interests them, but for one reason or another they want fresh eyes and ideas. As a script doctor I work with them, and sometimes the original writer, to massage it into the producer’s vision of its maximum potential.

Screenplay and Manuscript Analysis & Feedback

If you’re a writer or producer with a script, I’ll read your feature film or TV screenplay or fiction manuscript, then give you feedback first on the overall story structure and execution, including character development, pacing, dialogue, etc… For works of fiction, this is often referred to as “developmental editing.”

This feedback will provide a roadmap on how to take your work to the next level, even closer to communicating the story you have in your head in the most compelling and impactful way.


If you want even more detailed feedback and suggestions, I provide line editing services. This means offering re-write suggestions that can range from rewording sentences to make them stronger and better serve the mood you’re trying to create to re-organizing paragraphs to provide the reader more clarity and emotional engagement.


I offer a free 15-minute consult to discuss your project with you. Once we’ve identified the kind of support you’re looking for and I have the information I need to estimate the time needed, I’ll be able to provide a quote for my services.

Contact me via the form below to book an initial consult. Look forward to telling stories with you!