Lynne is hands down the best script doctor I’ve ever worked with. She comes at the story and character development in such unique ways. She always managed to encourage while helping me craft my script. If you are working on a script and need some help, or even a second eye, I cannot recommend Lynne enough.

Jack Tomas, Screenwriter

Lynne Moses’ manuscript analysis and editing suggestions are exceptional. She has a profound understanding of story. My plot in Dragon’s Shadow had gone astray. Her manuscript analysis homed in on the problem, and with her insights, I fixed the issue. Further, her understanding of character and the art of prose not only made my work better, but it taught me to be a better writer. The best thing about Lynne’s editorial service is she provided professional and creative guidance but always respected my unique voice and vision. I highly recommend Lynne’s editorial services. 

Allison Morse, Author

Consultations with Lynne gave me a lot of incite into what was working with my script and what was unclear. She has a unique ability to get to the heart of the story you are trying to tell and help you enhance it. Her consultations are more like targeted work sessions that dive deep into the character to find the story they want to tell.

Louisa Kendrick (Burton), Actor & Screenwriter

Lynne’s assistance in creating an overview that I had to submit to a producer was a huge relief for me!  I found her feedback insightful and her knowledge of the industry invaluable. I would most definitely hire her again!

Veronica Blade, Author

It was an absolute pleasure working with Lynne to devise treatments for the first three books in my Beyond The Veil Supernatural Series and for my stand-alone novel, The Snow Globe. In each case, she was able to pull out the true essence of each book and somehow adapt it perfectly for both the big screen and the small screen. I cannot possibly recommend her highly enough!

Tony Faggioli, Author

Several years ago, Lynne’s company optioned one of my novels and we collaborated on the screenplay adaptation. I found her to be smart, professional and fun to work with.  

Leslie Lehr, Prize Winning Author